$tiforp Dream Team Updates

Company Member Update 9/19/2011

TODAY is a VERY exciting day for STIFORP as it marks our OFFICIAL LAUNCH

Over the last two months since we opened our doors for Pre-Launch, the response to our company, our product, our amazing tools, our compensation program, even our NAME, has been nothing short of AMAZING.

We created STIFORP for one primary reason...to finally level the playing field between the most successful people in the industry and the people who have struggled to find success.  And we wanted to do it in a way that  EVERYONE in the industry could take advantage of it.  Because we KNEW that if we could give people a SIMPLE, AFFORDABLE, and EFFECTIVE way to take ANY business in this industry to the next level, we would have something that would truly REVOLUTIONIZE the industry.

Now, after just two short months of prelaunch, it is very apparent that SO MANY people from successful leaders in the industry, to brand new members just getting started, to people who have tried different programs in the past and were not able to reach their goals, ALL share our VISION and our PASSION for taking these tools to the WORLD and FOREVER changing the way that network marketing is done for the BETTER.

In fact, we expected a few thousand members to join STIFORP before our official launch, at which point the word would start to spread and numbers would continue to grow.  We are BEYOND EXCITED to share that numbers have exploded beyond our wildest expectations.  Just two months into prelaunch, and we are now approaching TWENTY THOUSAND MEMBERS in over 90 COUNTRIES around the globe...BEFORE we even officially launched.

To put that in perspective, most companies max out around 3,000 to 5,000 paid members within a few YEARS.  We put in 20,000 people in 2 months BEFORE we even LAUNCHED.


With over 130 MILLION PEOPLE around the world who NEED these tools, even if only 1% of those people recognized the value of these tools and joined STIFORP, that would be OVER ONE MILLION members all going into our amazing matrix.  And remember, the ONLY place those people can go is UNDER the ones who are already in.

STIFORP is making history and we are SO HAPPY that YOU are a part of it.

Congratulations to all of our amazing members.  We can't wait to see you at the TOP.

Launch Call Was "SOLD OUT"

With over 1,000 people on our LIVE launch call TODAY, we MAXED out our conference bridge with powerful information, incredible people, and AWESOME information.

If you were not able to get on the bridge or were not able to attend, click here to listen to our recorded call NOW.

International Explosion

Not only are we the fastest growing company in the United States, thanks to our International Leaders, we are now the FASTEST GROWING COMPANY IN THE ENTIRE WORLD in the network marketing industry.

Some countries that deserve special recognition because of their explosive growth are Russia, Ukraine, Brazil and MANY more ..  

Because of the huge momentum we are experiencing in these countries, we are adding more landing pages and in multiple languages along with having Google Translate on every page of the site.

We are committed to making STIFORP and international powerhouse and we will continue doing everything we can to make that happen.

Additional Announcements

Last week, we added AlertPay both as a join option as well as a commission option for new members and it is quickly becoming the most popular commission option available.

Today we added Payoneer as a payment (commissions collection) option so you can get paid to a debit card or to your bank account if you prefer it over our other payment option GlobalXChange or AlertPay..

Our 5 minute flash movie presentation is almost done and coming soon.

Welcome Aboard STIFORP,
God bless and see you at the TOP..

Nauder Khazan
CEO and Founder


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Carpe Diem,
Frank Astheimer
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Company Member Update 9/19/2011

Hello & happy Monday!

We hope this email finds you and your loved ones in GREAT health...

First of all, please allow us to welcome all the brand new Stiforp team members that have joined our stiforp Family in the last few days, weeks etc.

Please be SURE to login to your Stiforp back office and then click on the "My Earnings" tab to let us know how you wish to collect your well-deserved commissions..

Please join us tomorrow, September 20th 2011 at 2 PM Pacific, 5 PM Eastern for our LIVE Launch call on our private and pin-less bridge :

Here is our Conference Line number :


( NO Pin Needed and PLEASE call in at least 5 minutes early )

Please visit http://www.HowToCallAbroad.com to find out how you can call our private conference call bridge from outside of USA !! No pin needed so you can use Skype, Google talk etc. to dial in !

Why is Stiforp making history in our $130 BILLION a year industry??

Is it the FACT that by simply adjusting the tire pressure in your car's tires, you can save MORE money on gasoline every month than will cost you being a member of Stiforp i.e .35 cents a DAY ???   YES !

Is it the AMAZING TOOLS that we offer the masses for .35 cents a day ?? YES

Is it the HUGE payout ? YES

Is it the economical climate that we are in motivating good people like YOU to look for an EASY to promote, low cost and HIGH VALUE program i.e Stiforp ? YES

All above points are true and valid BUT lets do not forget the AMAZING, long-term visionary leaders that have stepped up this early in the game helping us to get this GREAT NEWS ( stiforp) to the MASSES !!!

Recognizing our TOP leadership is the least we can do to let these AMAZING leaders know how blessed we are to work with individuals of their caliber !!

5 Star leaders !

Frank Astheimer - of Germany
Wouter van den Brink of Netherlands
Sergey Shcherbak of Russia
Sergey Solovyev of Russia
Alla Aizatullina of Russia
Francisco Lameiro of Potugal
Mallorca WINN of Spain
Neil Thompson - of USA
10ktycoon of USA

4 Star leaders !

Leaders' Name     Country
Kent Nielsen     DK
Josef Kis     NO
Johnny Emil Johansen     DK
Ĺse Lie     NO
Mark Braverman     IL
Viktor Karvas     RU
Abdulla Beziev     RU
Anara Ibrajeva     CH
Sergio Carvalho     PT
Nerijus Slekys      LT
Andrey Smirnov     RU
Jevgenija Kuliene     LT
Bergengali Mekeyev      KZ
Valentina Malikova     KZ
Jan Einar Nicolaisen     NO
Aleksandr Chirikus      UA
Orlando Jiménez WINN     ES
Anna Bykova     KZ
Aleksandra Alexandrova     RU
Andrey Shkuropat     RU
Elena Kurtsikidze     RU
Nina Krohaleva     RU
Karel Borod     CZ
Annitka Kuznetsova     UA
GlobalNetwork     ES
Stacy Flores     US
GeumDong BYUN     KR
youngkil lee     KR
youngmun Jeong     KR
jungog jeong     KR
Joanne Hardingham     GB
Christina Orcutt     US
Elena Shevtsova     KZ
Adriana Gibson      US
Walter Smith     US
Albert Keijer     NL
Frank Lefebre      US
Kutub Uddin Ahmed     US
Igor Tsevukh     UA
Dawn McIntyre      US
Gary Adams     US
steve molnar     GB
John Schirripa     AU
Terry Burns     US
Ernest G.     CA
Sebas Broekhoff     US
Ancel Fernandes      AE
joseph cotroneo     US
Mark Chin      US
Derek Bohlken     US
Neil Verlander      GB
Earl Coles      US
Brian Michael     GB
George Matus     US
Paula Frye      US
Netprofits      US
David Reid      US
Wallace Nuanez & Dave Lear     US
Joel Broughton     US
BMB Marketing     US
Tools Team     US

Stiforp WILL BE THE NEXT HOUSE HOLD NAME in the $130 BILLION a year  Direct Selling Industry and YOU , yes YOU Frank Astheimer - are one of the 1st few thousand PIONEERS that will benefit from MILLIONS of Home Based Operators that WILL join stiforp in the next decade or 2..

Remember, good and decent people MIGHT go from a Network Marketing company to another ( for whatever reason ) BUT they will ALWAYS NEED training and tools therefore creating a REAL and LONG TERM residual income for decades to come for visionary leaders like YOU as you build your stiforp team to THE MOON !!

What does the Powerline mean?


Many people have asked the question, What does The Powerline mean, and how many of those people will be under you in the matrix?

So here's the answer:

The Powerline, or Company Momentum page in your back office, is simply to show you how fast the company is growing.

As an added bonus, we pay out commissions the first month a member joins on the first 3 people under them in the powerline. This way we can get a check in people's hands quickly, guarantee them a check, and show them that EVERYONE will get paid in Stiforp.

Each Tuesday and Friday night at midnight Pacific time, our system places everyone who joined during that cutoff period into the matrix in the order they are in the powerline in the highest available position in their enroller's matrix.

Since this is a 2 by matrix, that means everyone has two positions under them on their first level. After those two positions are filled, the ONLY place for everyone else to fall in their matrix is UNDER those two people. This is called spill-over.

This allows you to be able to earn up to $2,047 per month in the matrix without any enrollment requirements, or over $8,000 per month if you join at the yearly level, one of the most exciting things about this compensation plan is you can get to the highest level in our compensation plan by personally enrolling only TWO people.

BUT, because our great tools, our low price point, and everything that Stiforp has, it makes it VERY easy to enroll WAY more than just two people. In fact, if you look at our leaderboard, you will see that there are people who have already enrolled 5, 10, 20, 50, even over 100 people PERSONALLY...and that has ALL been done in just a few DAYS.

Imagine how big those numbers will be after a few months...and how many people will have enrolled 5 or 10 or more people.

What that means is SPILL-OVER, and a LOT of it.

What is most exciting is NOT the few hundred people you see under you in the Powerline right now.

That is NOTHING. In fact most people won't see spill-over for at least a few weeks into the business. What is so exciting is that as this company becomes a household name and THOUSANDS of people join over the next few months, and potentially HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS, or even MILLIONS of people join over the next few years, the ONLY place for them to go is UNDER the people like YOU, who are already in there. THAT is what makes it exciting!

How long will it take for my matrix to fill up?

Spill-over doesn't come from the company. It comes from the people above you in the matrix. Since nobody can accurately predict how many people the people above you will bring in and because some people's matrix will fill faster than others depending on how many people the people above them in the matrix are enrolling, there is absolutely no possible way to know how fast a matrix will fill. It could take a few months. It could take a year. It is possible that it never fills completely. Either way, you don't have to have a full matrix to make money. You will get paid on ALL the people under in your 2x12 matrix (or 2x14 matrix if you paid yearly) EVERY SINGLE MONTH!


To your success and God bless

Nauder Khazan
stiforP Founder


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Carpe Diem,
Frank Astheimer
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Sept. 11, 2011

Here is an AWESOME email I've got from one of the great leaders in our Stiforp Dream Team Adriana G. (names have been shorten for privacy reason).

From: Michael D.
Sent: Sun 9/11/11 1:14 AM
To:  Adriana G.

Hi Adriana,

Thank you so much for sending me
this training site.

http://www.stiforptrainings.com ... I
will forward it on to my members.

May I ask you a question?... How many
paid members do you now have in your

I join STIFORP just 37 days ago and I
ONLY have 2 Personally Sponsored Paid
Members, but I have MANY MORE Paid
Members showing up, all the way down
on my 8th level as of today, 9/11/2011.

The "SPILL-OVER" from this is simply

In the 29 years I've been in network
marketing, I can honestly say that this
STIFORP Business will help not just
thousands of people but probably
millions in the years to come.

The "SPILL-OVER" in this business is
very real, powerful, and profitable!

In all my years of networking I have
not been able to say that about any
other company.

I can see that it will only get better
and more profitable for EVERYONE that
takes action by becoming a PAID MEMBER
in our STIFORP Team!

This experience and testimonial will
be my best recruiting tool. This is
exciting and it motivates me to put
much more effort into this STIFORP

I've been in this networking industry
for many years and I have hundreds of
personal contacts that will want to
join STIFORP... I'm going to be installing
lots people in the "Tell-a-Friend" tool
and calling them to activate their
pre-enrolled positions.

I know it works because that's how I
got my first paid members started...
I'm fired up to say the least!

Adriana, you're a very good example
of a Team Leader... and I want to
thank you for your support.

Please continue sending me updates and
marketing information that helps
build our STIFORP TEAMS.

Good Day to You,

Michael D.


Is this not extremely awesome???

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where dreams become real!

Carpe Diem,
Frank Astheimer
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Sept. 10, 2011

From the stiforp owner:

I hope you are having an AMAZING and productive
day so far....

Here is the Brand NEW "Call To Action" Recorded Stiforp
Decision Call; http://www.byoaudio.com/play/WtxTXmFs !

3 SIMPLE steps you should follow & TEACH your team
with ALL OUT MASSIVE ACTION for the next

Remember, the 1st EXPOSURE of your prospect to
your home based business (stiforp) is their VERY
1st TRAINING, meaning people will do to others
what was done to THEM so lets keep it SIMPLE !

Step #1 > Ask your TOP 10 / 25 contacts to take a FREE
tour on one of your MANY Stiforp landing pages found in
the "My Website Address" section of your Stiforp back office !!

Step #2 > Invite them to listen to http://www.byoaudio.com/play/WtxTXmFs
( Or Dial in 512- 827-0080 pin 784377 # ) and LOCK their
position NOW !!.

Step #3 > Ask them to repeat steps #1 , #2 and #3 NOW !!

Simple, EASY and DUPLICABLE ( not a real word but
I am SURE you know what I mean ) ..

You can sign up a person this morning and teach the
above 1, 2, 3 steps to that new team member and
by TONIGHT, she or he could have 5 personal
sign ups... S I M P L E ...

See you at the TOP
Nauder Khazan


Sept. 9, 2011

New Croation Movie website is live!

Croation MOVIE site is live

Soon you can use alertpay to pay for the stiforp membership.

That's all for now or read the older news you might have missed to read.

Carpe Diem,
Frank Astheimer
Phone: 202-470-6744

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Sept. 3, 2011

There are so many great news and I don't
know where to start!

Okay... here we go...

English MOVIE site is live

Spanish normal site is live

Russian MOVIE site is live

Russian normal site is live

Portugues MOVIE site is live

Alertpay will be soon available as a payout option
and is already in your back office. First payrun is
Sept. 14th to alertpay if you wanna get paid via

Due to overwhelming request from stiforp
family members, we just finalized our agreement
with AlertPay and a few short days away from
full integration.. ..
To give the BEST possible service to our Stiforp family
members, we will be allowing your Stiforp commissions
to be paid through AlertPay to your EXISTING AlertPay
The 1st commission run through AlertPay will
be on Sept 14 2011...
Please revisit your Stiforp "My Earnings" page
( https://www.stiforp.com/paymentOptions ) often
within the next week for updates so you can provide us
with your AlertPay Account Details / email address
by Sept 12th 2011, so we can pay your well-deserved
commissions through AlertPay on Sept 14th..
If you do NOT have an AlertPay account, please click
 and apply for one.
This AMAZING model will ALSO allow you to send funds to Stiforp
to be loaded in your Stiforp Credit Wallet .
Here is the information you need to send us
funds ( minimum $500 ) through AlertPay so we
can load those funds in your Stiforp Credit Wallet:

Stiforp's AlertPay email > support@stiforp.com
Minimum $500 USD .
Please include your Stiforp ID# .

As well, soon we can choose payoneer.com to get paid
to. It's a global branded Master Debit Card.

Weekly TEAM CALLS are getting huge praises !

Please listen to a team call for one of my personal
great team leaders with Nauder Khazan owner of


Two BRAND NEW Informative training audio files &
two brand new Video Tutorials are UP  ..

Please turn up your computer's speakers and listen
to :

15 Min Fast Start ( how to navigate your stiforP
site and tell us HOW TO PAY YOU etc. ) training
http://www.byoaudio.com/play/WM0JX8hs .

12 Min Place A Friend Training:

2 New Video Tutorials !
Brand New Place A Friend Training Video is
LIVE > and you can find it at my training
and info page: http://stiforptrainings.com

Updated Credit Wallet Training Video is LIVE.
I made one which is and was before in the
bck office of stiforp and is still on the
stiforptrainings.com site and think it's good
enough but if you have problems with my
accent watch this new one from Aron and it's
as well on the stiforptrainings.com website.

Both above videos are also available in your
stiforp back office in the Place A Friend &
Credit Wallet section..

You see the progress what stiforp has and
the improvements?

We are just 6 weeks in business which is
nothing and my team has already 13000

Many love the tools... if you check them out
and use them you will see the value too like
many do.

Let's get back to work!

Carpe Diem,
Frank Astheimer
Phone: 202-470-6744

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